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This post is sponsored by General Mills. As always, my love for the product and all opinions are my own. #DiaDeMuertos #BigG...Read More


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I am normally not a football fan. I don’t understand the rules and tend to get distracted when the game is on. Once a year I make an exception for Super Bowl Sunday. Usually, I am so busy eating or chatting that I end up missing part of the game. …


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How To Throw A Fall Tea Party

Last year, we started our annual tea party. It's a time where we women and children can dress up and partake in tea and snacks. My daughter has been looking forward to this second one ever since the first one finished. (You can read about how we threw it economically in How to throw an Economical Tea Party.) Unfortunately, this year, it wasn't as economical. My husband took our daughter out to find a dress and well, baby girl might have daddy wrapped around her little finger. I can't complain, though, because my outfit wasn't as cheap either. I had a difficult time finding any dresses or nice outfits on sale, this time of year. Other than the outfits, I tried to keep the cost of the tea party lower by getting decorations from the Dollar Tree- where everything is a dollar, and the food that I made for it was made with things I already had or things that could be used in multiple things. Since we hosted this tea party in October, the theme was fall. I made a lot of pumpkin foods so I got to use the same can of pumpkin puree. So enough about the cost and this and that, here's what we had! Photo Wall Fall themed backdrop- I hung up a white table cloth on the wall and hung up a couple of fall themed felt decorations. It was a cute idea in theory, but felt+tape= disaster. They kept falling off. Another problem that we had is that I should have hung up another table cloth because not everyone fit into the frame when they were all gathered around. It was great for two, maybe three people, but that was it. It was also difficult to get a good picture because everyone wanted to take pictures at the same time so those who were in the picture didn't know where to look. Decorations I found these little solar powered flowers with a butterfly at the Dollar Tree- actually all of the decorations are from there. We had two different kind- this one had tulips and the other kind had red roses. Each family that attended was able to take one home with them. Pardon the worn out table cloth, I forgot to take pictures before everything had been used. I bough three vases with matching flowers. The red ones were actually one bouquet, but I split them apart so I could put one in each red vase. I lined the vases across the table and then weaved the mesh tubing around them in a figure 8 pattern. The leaves were spread evenly across the table. I hung the two lanterns on the light fixture above my dining room table. My friend was awesome enough to have taking this before picture of the table. I was putting the finished touches on everything and placing food about the tables. Food! Ok, so I had a lot of help with the food. Most of these recipes I found on Pinterest. I made 3 dozen muffins. Each dozen was a different recipe. I only took pictures of this pumpkin recipe as a teaser to those who were still on their way over to visit. Pumpkin Streusel Muffins- Anna Ginsberg Cookie Madness is who I found this recipe from. The recipe is in the link. They were absolutely delicious! Banana Streusel Muffins- I thought that these were a little buttery and salty, but that was probably just me. Chocolate Chip Muffins- These were really good, but also dry. Again, this was my fault. I didn't realize that the recipe had called for sour cream so I used what I had (not enough) and I forgot to set the timer on them. Oops! Pumpkin Caramel These were the favorite of the day. Very delicious! How mine came out- after some were already eaten. I didn't rub the cinnamon sugar on them, but they were still very yummy and the best part was, they were super easy to make! Cucumber Sandwiches- This was my own recipe and I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of it. I plan to make a post with the recipe soon to come! Activities- Ok, so I had planned on doing some crafts, but we never got to them. The men and women split up- there were 18 of us there! 9 of us were children so things didn't go as planned, but it was still a lot of fun! data-ad-layout="in-article" data-ad-format="fluid" data-ad-client="ca-pub-9632598847703944" data-ad-slot="4414072363"> The Very Best Part The very best part of all of this is that my house got cleaned and we were able to almost comfortably engage in fellowship with each other. It may have felt a little chaotic with us getting up and putting a kid in time out or struggling to talk to one another over the noise, but we were together and had fun and that's what matters! What did you do this weekend? Do you have any traditions that you do each year?


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Apple Pie Bites | The Blond Cook

• Apple Pie Bites -Delicious, quick & easy mini apple pies made with Pillsbury crescent rolls in less than 30 minutes!


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