18 things to make with felt scraps

because you probably hoard them too...


How Much Wool Do I need for a Needle Felting Project? - Bear Creek Felting

A helpful guide to know how much wool you will need to complete a needle felting project. A short article with pictures to guide you in your wool purchases.


Needle Felt A Ball In 5 Easy Steps

Avoid common needle felting mistakes before you even start with these easy hints tips and mini tutorials for complete beginners.


10 Awesome And Unique DIY Dolls You Can Make At Home Part 2

Visit blog.digung.com to get around hairstyle tips, nail art and a variety of needs for a healthy body #Hairstyle #Haircare #Nailart #naildesign #diy


How to do Simple Embroidery on Felt Beads

Jewellery made from handmade felt beads is: - easy to make and fun to embellish - inexpensive to make - a great alternative for people that cannot wear metal jewellery - lightweight. Sometimes glass, ceramic or metal jewellery can be...


How To Needle Felt A Basic Body Shape

See photographs below: 1 & 2: Start with a long length of wool and roll into a TIGHT rough oval/cylinder shape, stopping and tucking in the ends as you go; to get it really tight, push down int…


felted landscapes for sale BonnieblinkStudio Tracey McCracken Palmer felted art


#669 Moonshine

11 x 14" needlefelted wool on felt with overdyed Ozark handspun.


UpandDownDale - Artwork Portfolio - Lynn Comley's Portfolio


The process of creating a portrait of a cat from wool in the technique of #needlefelting


Needle felted Picture on a 3D Canvas (Frosty Morning), hand made picture.


World Of Wool Retail

World Of Wool - Gallery of Customers Wool Craft Work


Needle Felted Art by Robin Joy Andreae: 3 New Ones, A Piggy, Chipmunk & Little Mouse


Needle Felted Bat Tutorial

This felting tutorial is for a needle felted bat. Perfect for Halloween. He is so realistic it is almost scary to look at him. Especially with his piercing eyes. This basic tutorial comes with phot…


How to Cut Perfect Shapes out of Wool Felt - The Freezer Paper Method — Oliver Rabbit

Wool felt is a dreamy textile to sew with but it can be a challenge to cut smooth edges and identical shapes from it. Paper, on the other hand, is very easy to cut into pattern shapes, including smooth curves and sharp angles.


Felting Needles

Felting Needles – The Yarn Tree - fiber, yarn and natural dyes


Felt Art -all you need to know to create beautiful felt art. | CourseCraft


10 Awesome And Unique DIY Dolls You Can Make At Home Part 2

Visit blog.digung.com to get around hairstyle tips, nail art and a variety of needs for a healthy body #Hairstyle #Haircare #Nailart #naildesign #diy


Moy Mackay i love her skies. this one is *almost* a typical blue, but not quite


How to Make a Needle-Felted Penguin

For your loved ones who have earned a spot on the Nice List this year, a charming gift constitutes the perfect reward.




2012 International Felting Contest Winners Announced!

We are pleased to Announce the Winners in the LIVING FELT 3rd Annual International Felting Contest. This is another year of amazing entries! The LIVING FELT International Felting Contest p…


Different Ways to Felt - Felting Fridays — Star Magnolias

Do you know the difference between needle felting and wet felting? And what is nuno felting? Artfelt? Felt knits? This post should hopefully help explain the differences.


Shropshire-based textile artist and tutor Maxine Smith square pendant with fuzzy sheep and 3D flower details cute pastels


Wet Felting Tutorial for Beginners - FiberArtsy.com

Wet Felting for Beginners. Learn the basic steps for creating a piece of fabric from raw wool or roving in this step by step tutorial on felting wool.


Needle Felted Art by Robin Joy Andreae: Hickory, a Little Chipmunk


Felted Artwork-Original felted landscapes by Tracey McCracken Palmer. Wet felting and needle felting techniques are used to create beautiful works of art.


Guide To Felting Needles

It’s the one thing that gets us all really confused. A gauge for this, a spiral star or triangle for that. What’ s the difference between a size 32 and size 38 and what on earth do I do…


How to Felt Wool from Thrifted Sweaters

Love felting? Learn to felt wool. Skip the fabric stores this round and head to your local thrift store for high quality material at a fraction of the cost.


Amazing little tools, felting needles, so many different ones. I thought you might like a little information on them. Sizes Sizes are catalogued by different gauges, lower the number the thicker th…