The First Step to Decorating - Do You Skip It?

Welcome to the new Polished Habitat Decorating Method series! Today we’re going over the important first and most important step when decorating. Too many people skip right over this one and end up in rooms that are pretty, but still don’t feel right. I’ve had some great conversations with readers lately that spurred a new ... Read More about The First Step to Decorating – Do You Skip It?


Beginner's Guide: How to Create a Well-Designed Room - How to Nest for Less

Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for a sneak peek into my recent projects! While I’m inching closer to crossing a couple rooms in the new house off my to-do list, I thought I would take a step back and share how I get to the finished look. There’s a bit of planning that goes into my …


Basics: Design Dictionary — Capella Kincheloe

When I first started working in an interior design office, there were words that were being used that I had no idea what they meant, but I also didn't want to ask in case I looked stupid. True story. There were a lot of words that I was embarrassed to not know. But no f


Paint Finish Guide

From Kristen and Danielle.


Top 30 [Easy] Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger 2017

Revealing my top 30 [Easy] tips to make a small room look bigger including; colour scheme, furniture styles, window coverings, accessorizing, visual tricks, etc


The Secret To Get Interior Design Jobs — Online Interior Design School by Alycia Wicker

How to get interior design jobs like nobody's business.


5 Habits of Successful Interior Designers — Capella Kincheloe

They Ask for Advice Interior design has always been a secretive profession: hiding our sources, protecting our trade secrets and creating the illusion that everything is fantastic has been the norm. Running this sort of business is no longer productive. The most successful inter


How To Start An Interior Design Blog - Beginner's Guide — Online Interior Design School by Alycia Wicker

I'll show you how to start an interior design blog from going over the techy stuff to the content.


20 Go-To Interior Design Books for Students and Beginners — Nicole Janes Design

From students and new designers to seasoned pros, this list of 20 Interior Design books are staples you will read and reference time and time again.


Bohemian Interior Design Tips

It's rare to find an article that goes as in-depth into Bohemian interior design as this. Learn how to use patterns and earthy colors to create the boho look for your living room and bedroom. Make sure you choose the right rug that speaks to you. Photo by @imrebeccaheart Instagram #livingroom #homedecor


Global Inspired Home Tour {Upstairs}

Theresa’s global inspired home is an real treasure trove, bursting with character. She has seamlessly blended vintage finds with high street pieces.


The Four Most Common Interior Design Faux Pas... and How to Fix them

These interior design faux pas are so common, yet so easy to fix! DON'T make these mistakes, you can make your house look brighter and more modern just by correcting a few misconceptions!



There are certain rules and guidelines when it comes to hanging curtains. If you follow the guidelines correctly, you'll create a stunning illusion of taller ceilings and wider windows.


Interior Design Advice: Do's and Don'ts Every Beginner Should Know

Awesome tips! The Beginner's Guide to Interior Design and Decorating! Novice designers and decorators will find helpful advice and ideas here!


27 Need-to-Know Interior Design Hacks – Sunlit Spaces | DIY Home Decor, Holiday, and More

Improve your home's interior with these need-to-know hacks.


Don’t Crowd My Corners! (One ‘quantifiable’ component of “bad” interior design)

A lot about interior design is subjective. It is often a matter of personal opinion, style preferences, budget constraints and taste level. It is also one of the hardest aspects of being an interio…


Top 10 Amazing Vintage Interior Design Ideas That Will Inspired You | Tiny Spaces Living


Interior design books you need in your life • Avenue Laurel

I love interior design books, and today I'm sharing my absolute favorites- the best of the best!


Principles of Design: How to Put a Room Together Like a Pro

These basic principles of design will help you to decorate your home like a pro. Find out how designers put it all together to create those fabulous spaces.


The Beginner’s Guide to Color Psychology for Interior Design | Arts and Classy

It’s no secret that color affects our minds, moods, and even our bodies. Changing the color scheme of a room has more of an impact than meets the eye. By repainting your room, you change the entire atmosphere and how it affects you and your emotions. {PHOTO SOURCE} ...


MOLDINGS: A Guaranteed Way to Create a Drop-Dead-Gorgeous Room

Create a Gorgeous Glam Room with applied moulding, wainscotting, picture frame molding and box molding


Tips for Creating Feng Shui in Your Bedroom for a Good Night's Rest — dvd Interior Design

Sleep is essential for our health and survival, yet at times it is fleeting. Sleep better now, Our Tips for the Best Rest. How to Feng Shui your bedroom.


How to Style Open Shelves: 3 Tips for an Uncluttered Look - House by Hoff

Are you struggling to figure out how to style your open shelves? I will give you 3 great easy tips on styling an open shelving unit!


Interior Designer's Toolkit — Capella Kincheloe

It's always fun to get a peak inside of someone's bag, right? I little snapshot into their life and the treasures they carry with them. But mainly, I like looking in someone's bag because maybe, just maybe they'll have discovered some great secret I'm not yet privy too.  


20 Tips On How To Develop An Interior Design Business — Online Interior Design School by Alycia Wicker

Learn from me and see how to develop an online interior design business that thrives.


How to Create Interior Design Packages — Capella Kincheloe

Creating interior design packages can be great additional revenue streams in your business. They can be quick ways to generate a bit of income without a huge time or effort commitment from you. It’s also nice to have an option for prospects who contact you, but may not be a fit for your signat


2019 Interior Design Business Planner — Capella Kincheloe

Too often, instead of making choices in our business, we allow the circumstances in our business to choose for us. Meaning, we simply react and respond to what comes our way. Our businesses are like boats and I see so many designers have yet to pick up the oar and steer towards a destination.


Become The Go-To Airbnb Interior Designer — Online Interior Design School by Alycia Wicker

Here’s how to become the Airbnb interior designer that everyone wants to work with.


How To Start An Interior Design Blog - Beginner's Guide — Online Interior Design School by Alycia Wicker

I'll show you how to start an interior design blog from going over the techy stuff to the content.


7 Pinterest Tips Every Interior Designer Should Know — Online Interior Design School by Alycia Wicker

Here are the interior designer Pinterest tips you need to get clients there, easily.