Pining for home - 302/365

Some pine cones that I got from my Mom's house. I really liked the detail and the simple nature of this shot.


Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic


Download premium vector of Round patterned doodle background vector 844910

Round patterned doodle background vector | premium image by / Sicha


Saehyun Paik - IPGAC0081

A lifelong city dweller, I have always longed for a night sky lit by constellations. I’m searching for all that the modern human experience lacks.\n I’m currently interested in mixed media, two-dimensional work and art installation. Having formed my communication style as an only child, I’ve always been curious about interaction between people. I had some difficulty adapting to social situations in my early years so I learned to create dialogues and rapports through art material themselves. At this time, I’m exploring these ‘conversations’ by blending two or more media in each of my processes. Sep 30. 2012 by, Saehyun Paik\n"


Inspiration Lately: Texture — Niki Marie Ceramics

One of the things I connect with the most about working with clay is its tactile surface quality throughout the process. When I first started out with the material I preferred the look of my pieces before they were glazed and fired. This was mostly due to the fact I hadn't develo


Let Luxxu Home inspire with all the textures it has to offer, you can see them at


Jubilee Wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler

Delicate organic lines compose this soulful and energetic wallpaper. The fluid natural curves of the design embody a singular movement and spirit. Available in four colors. This item is sold by the double roll which totals 10 yards of wallpaper.


Working with Textures – 8 Ideas to Get You Started

A Guest Post by Claire Woollam from The Digital Iris. The Oxford Dictionary defines texture as ‘the way a surface, subst.


Vintage 19th century marbled paper. Spanish moiré on Turkish vein pattern, with gold used as primary colour.


20 must-have coffee table books

See our pick of the best coffee table books on; The very latest celebrity gossip, fashion trends, hair and beauty tips, daily at Glamour is Britain's No.1 women's magazine.


Seamless Concrete Tiles + (Maps) | texturise


#Paper sculpture by Peter #Gentenaar (details).


Gold & golden iPhone Wallpaper

Gold & golden color art textures patterns wallpaper backgrounds #gold #golden #color #art #textures


Asian Pear Collins with Sage Cocktail

Delicately sweet Asian pears paired with bold sage for a wonderfully light and easy to make cocktail. A floral honey syrup sweetens the drink to perfection


01228590 : chevron 6 bars : striped cube



Decorating With Tufted Upholstery.........Classical AND Modern

When you think of diamond tufted upholstery, several styles come to mind. Many think of antiques and High Victorian style rooms. Many others think of Hollywood glamour. Imagine the old Hollywood bedroom of Jean Harlow or other starlets of the era. Somewhere in that room there will probably be a piece of diamond tufted upholstered furniture. A headboard, or maybe a vanity chair. Now we can add another very modern visual when it comes to tufting. Today transitional and contemporary rooms look fabulous furnished with a tufted leather sofa or amazing patterned headboard. I have never learned the technique but I know others that have. The beautiful headboards displayed in their bedrooms make all the hard work well worth it! I hope if you are contemplating a change in an upholstered piece, you will gain some inspiration from these images and give diamond tufting a try. pinterest An elegant Old World style tufted wall. It looks like it is made of silk. Diamond tufted banquettes are so glamorous. Wow what a fabulous wall! This beautiful tufted Duncan Phyfe sofa works so well in this more contemporary styled room. A tufted chaise lounge is the perfect boudoir accessory and this one is so feminine and comfy. Diamond tufted furnishings bring a touch of elegance to any room. A good do it yourself headboard project! Gorgeous!! Then you can work your way up to a tufting project like this! This is a beautifully tufted headboard and you can tell that the footboard has tufting also. This warm and cozy space looks like it has velvet tufting on the walls. Patterned tufted pieces are beautiful but I understand they are much harder to do. Tufting is usually thought of as an upholstery for antiques but this sofa and colorful contemporary blows that theory!! Tufted benched are lovely when used in the bedroom. Very modern! I love the tufted sofa and the color combination! Here you go! When you want Old Hollywood glamour this is one way to get it! The diamond tufting on this bonnet chair is fabulous. You won't see this in every house so if you want something very unique..... Amazing tufted harlequin wall! Tufted headboards are so pretty and they are a great starting point for learning the technique. If you are interested in learning to diamond tuft, check out this site. She really seems to know what she is doing and her work shows it.


Weave pattern

FREE textures & backgrounds:


Started in '99, this is my life work. I individually cut single sheets of paper by free-hand and stack them together. The work consists of positive or negative shapes. I am trying to embody relationships among humans, time and nature. -- Noriko Ambe


Tumbling Moss Block Stitch Knitting Pattern | Studio Knit

This Tumbling Moss Block Stitch Knitting Pattern creates an illusion with 3 various textured patterns with a 20-Row Repeat of knits and purls.


Ming Wang Textured Pattern One-Button Jacket | Dillard's

Ming Wang Textured Pattern One-Button Jacket - Juniper XL



Black Sacral, PVC, laiton, tissu et cristaux de zirconium. Joaillère et designer d’accessoires israélienne, Hila Kaminer interroge dans sa collection intitulée Ossomateria le lien entre l’extérieur et l’intérieur du corps. En effet, alors que notre Lire la suite…


10 Grunge, Rusty and Dirty Tileable Textures

Download 10 1000x1000 pixels grunge, rusty and dirty tileable textures for free.


Metallic Texture 001

This is seamless and will tile! This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License click to find out more. However I have riders on this license. PLEASE SEE BELOW!!! Since some of you can't seem to comprehend my license (which is essentially free of all but attribution for artwork). I will clarify for you. I'd like to point out the license I picked covers my use of the unaltered texture and not art created with it. I do not place quantifiable limits on art. by "minimally altered" I mean someone that takes my texture and puts some text over top. That is not art or an artwork that is laziness. If someone made an obvious effort to make something with this texture (good or bad by my "standards") then I waive my rights. The art they made is 100% their's to do with as they please, provided (hopefully) my minimal criteria are met. *** CLARIFICATION (PLEASE READ! Especially Group Admins) *** o Using this in an "original" piece of art or inclusion in a "original" piece of art. I WAIVE the "non-commercial" portion of the license this is under. I do not waive my rights as the copyright holder of this texture or any of my textures I just grant original artwork to be resold provided the "artwork" is significantly different from my texture (read next) o Reselling this texture AS-IS (or minimally altered) I *DO NOT* waive my rights. I *DO NOT* want (or allow) my textures to be sold/resold or included in any collection outside of flickr. If the "artist" is confused they may contact me by flickrmail for clarification of what I mean by "minally altered"). o Further using this texture to create other textures is permitted provided your final texture differs enough from my original. Changing the color and calling it your own *DOES NOT* count as "significantly different". o If any artist has a question with regard to the usage of my texture(s) you are free to contact me. You will find I'm not significantly fussed about any of this other than the reselling of my textures AS-IS or "minimally altered". o Assuming all the criteria are met: I would like attribution on flickr and off (whenever possible) with either my name or a link to my photostream or to the texture itself. *** SECONDLIFE USAGE *** o You may use my textures in the game Secondlife in a build for PERSONAL USE. If you wish to use a texture in a build you intend for NON-PERSONAL USE you MUST get my permission first. Contact me in world under the same name as my flickr, or via flickrmail. Currently the only person in Secondlife with permission to use my textures is Flopsie McArdle. o My textures MAY NOT be included in any texture packs or sold anywhere in world. Reselling my textures in world constitutes a violation of my copyright. As per the creative commons license this is under I can waive portions of the license whenever I want. I have waived it provided the above criteria are met to the best of the artists abilities.


Tara Donovan

at ICA Boston


Mesmerizing blooms create an organic leafy texture. POPPY Studio is available at The Pattern Collective.


Decorative stucco texture Graphics Exclusive collection of background textures decorative plaster for walls. For all styles of interior by ArtyomMirniy


Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic




Pale Beige and Brown Figures Abstract Print, Abstract Wall Art

Textured pattern