Learn the art of needle felting with this fun, step-by-step Needle Felted Bee kit! This kit has been designed specifically for beginners. No prior knowledge of needle felting is necessary! This kit provides everything you need to make your own needle felted bee, including: - full color instructional booklet with clear steps and over 45 photos - a supplemental "Needle Felting Tips" booklet filled with helpful photos and information for first-time felters - 3 color coded felting needles (one each of sizes #36T, #38T, #40T) - high density needle felting foam block - enough wool to make TWO bees! Last two photos in listing show sample pages from each of the booklets you will receive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you already have these materials and are looking for the instructions only as an Instant Download? I offer that too! Find it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/533515627/beginner-needle-felting-tutorial-digital?ref=pr_shop ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Looking to stock these in your store? Just ask me about wholesale options! Copyright 2017 Grey Fox Felting. All rights reserved. The content in this kit is for personal use only. Under no circumstances may any part of this information be reproduced, transmitted in any way, or commercially distributed without prior consent from Grey Fox Felting.