How to Plan your own DIY Gravity Falls Party Jack-o-Melon Summerween

How to Plan your own DIY Gravity Falls Party Here is how I made my own DIY Gravity Falls Party. This was a surprisingly easy party to set up which is such a nice change of pace. I chose to throw this mock party for Mabel and Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls! It’s their mock 13th Birthday party for the end of Summer! This type of party would be so much for a set of twins! This post will be an overall summary of what went into designing and making the party come to life. If you have questions or want me to go into more detail on specifics, let me know in the comments and I would be happy to make a blog all about it. There will be another post showing where I got everything for the party so you can find it too. Decorations Backdrop Gravity falls is one of my favorite Cartoons! Just in general. So of course this was the theme to tie up the summer months! In my research for a party I noticed a lot of greens and forest themed Gravity Falls party and not so much Weirdmageton parties! So that was my theme! The main banner is a repurposed book (destroyed in the great merlin puppy days) and a large freehand Bill Cipher drawing! I sketched out the design first and then went in with a extra large sharpie. Then decided to make my very first balloon banner frame from Dollar Tree balloons ($3) total. To make this I went with two normal 25 packs and one 10 count marble pack to create the “bubbles of pure madness”. The finishing touch was my Happy Birthday Gravity Falls Banner (which is available in my shop). Party Table Working from the Bottom up my DIY Gravity Falls Party table scape was small but effective and SO EASY! anyone could DIY this is a matter of Minutes. I started with my trusty Space tapestry from my Doctor Who Party and draped it over my small table. Topped the table off with a plastic black table cloth (dollar tree) as my table runner to protect my space cover. The front of the table looked bear so we decorated the front of the table with one of my star cutout banners (wish). Very simple table but it gave the “it came from outer space” theme that I wanted. Table Decorations My table decor was simple and fun to make. I had almost everything on hand. From left to right: I DIYd a centerpiece and used my yellow flowers from my Legend of Zelda party. Yellow for Bill, my Muse! To display my Gravity Falls Cupcakes, my trusty wood circle cupcake display. This display works for so many themes its crazy not to have one on hand if you like throwing parties. I pulled out my bag of moss and pinecones and the left was set. On the right side of the table I unearthed my wooden bows to display a small amount of food (remember this is a mock display). Showcasing my Gravity falls Place cards/ food labels. I printed a Extra large label for my “Mabel Juice” and bought a watermelon just so I could carve it into a Summer-ween Jack-o-melon! This was my favorite part! and it was so easy! I finished off the table with a couple of my Bill Cipher Favor Boxes! My Centerpiece Inspired by the Jar of Eyes on Grunkle Stans’ desk in the Mystery Shack, I created my Centerpiece. Since the end of summer is basically halloween I had no trouble finding fake eyeballs at the Dollar Tree. The vase was from publix and the flowers I had on hand. This whole piece cost me $5. It would have been amazing if I had put the money tag on the bottle. But I wanted to leave something for you to do for your party! Food DIY Gravity Falls Party Menu: Rainbow Cupcakes! I topped mine off with Cream cheese frosting and star sprinkles Dipper Smores: its not summer without Smore’s. Smile Dip (Fun Dip): here is my custom template to match the theme of the party! Bill Chips: Cool Ranch Doritos Mabel Juice: Kept mine simple: Pink 7up. To add some fair I added watermelon juice and chucks! Want to make real Mabel Juice? heres how! From FEAST OF FICTION S5 • E9 Summer-ween Watermelon: to make this I used a medium size watermelon. Next I drew my intended face with sharpie and then carved a whole in the side. (I chose the side so I could stand the watermelon up and scoop. Then did just that, until most of the watermelon was out. ( Stored all of the pink watermelon in a Pitcher). Once mostly empty I cut out the face. Thats it. Inside I placed a Small Dollar tree candle. Happy Summer-ween everyone! Artwork & Invites: All the artwork was created by me to show off for this Party Set up and everything is printable and available in my shop or as a bundle on my Etsy. Alphabet Banner . Cupcake Liners . Cupcake Toppers . Food Tents. Smile Dip . Favor Boxes Custom Printable: Invitation & Thank you Card DIY Favors & Gifts: Favors: From other parties I found these adorable moon and stars tulle favor bags on Pinterest and knew I needed them. They are still able to on Wish in a bunch of colors! I chose the royal blue ones to be the opposite of Yellow Bill. In each box I placed a set of Mix and Match Sailor Moon earrings from Cute Panda Co. These little stud earrings are so cute! You can Mix and Match your favorite characters. The Red and Yellow Bill Ciphers were the perfect fit! (Earring coming to shop This holiday season! For Gravity Falls Baby Showers I recommend my Gravity Falls Milestone Stickers to be the perfect gift that keeps on giving. If your planning on taking monthly photos of your Nerd in training I recommend these Fandom Stickers to help you show the progress your Pinetree or Shooting star in the making. <3 Fashion Fashion is always my favorite Subject. Nerd fandoms make it so much fun to dress up. Guinevere looked adorable in her Mabel Pines Cosplay and Bill Cipher kicks from Sasi Shoes! Use code Mynerd15 for a sweet sweet discount on your own pair of Nerdy Shoes! Guine loves LOVES! her Bill Cipher Flats. Each one sports many many Bill Ciphers and the toes are topped with a cute little black bow tie. I pretty much died with I saw them! Even my Husband was inpressed. I can’t wait for our next pair! Thank you so much for joining me for my DIY Gravity Falls Party. Let me know in the comments if you are planning a Gravity Falls Party. Did my ideas help you out? I sure hope so! Photos were taken by Cute Panda Co at Please follow her on social media and love her as much as I do. Facebook . Instagram . Newsletter Thank you! Rebecca, My Nerd Nursery Tags: Gravity Falls party, Gravity Falls Birthday, Gravity Falls Baby Shower, Gravity Falls Gender Reveal, Gravity Falls, Bill Cipher Party, Bill Cipher Birthday, Bill Cipher, Mabel pines Birthday, Mabel Pines Party, Mabel Pines Baby Shower, Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines Party, Dipper Pines Birthday, Dipper Pines. 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