A bluebird nest box for eastern bluebirds or western bluebirds for your yard or garden. #bluebirdhouse

DESCRIPTION: �Free shipping in the USA The sloping roof, helps keep the inside of the birdhouse dry.  The entry hole is 1.5", which is the recommended size for the eastern bluebird. Comes with a 0.75" thick predator guard to help protect bluebirds from intruders.  Has a ventilation slot between the top of the door and the bottom of the roof, to help with circulation inside of the birdhouse. Has a latched front door, to do nest checks and end of the season cleaning. Comes with screws to mount the bird house. Constructed with cedar wood. This bluebird house has all the traditional dimensions for the Eastern Bluebird. Traditional birdhouses have never failed bluebirds from making a home inside. Since bluebirds rely on us so much to provide them with a nesting cavity, this Woodlink Traditional Bluebird House will provide a safe place for their new nest. Made in the USA! DIMENSIONS: 7.25"L x 7"W x 14"H SHIPPING:  Please allow 2 - 9 business days for delivery VIEW MORE EASTERN BLUEBIRD HOUSES